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General Puppy Information

Great Danes are wonderful loving companions but please do some research in the breed and the breeder before just running out and getting a Great Dane puppy.  If you go to a breeder home and some of there dogs are housed outside, you need to RUN.  Great Danes are BIG and FAST, they need to be able self exercise, they need training, they need lots of love and affection, they need medical care, they need good nutrition, they need the right nutrition for appropriate age, they can be destructive, they need to be trained to a crate, they are NOT an OUTSIDE dog, they are an INSIDE a home dog and more.  If you are interested in a Great Dane and want to set up a meet and greet to see if a Great Dane is right for you call anytime.

If you are interested in a Great Dane puppy from us stay in contact and I will keep you updated on our plans in the future.  Our puppy application process starts once we have a planned and confirmed pregnancy.  A lot goes into making sure our puppies go into a lifelong, stable, safe and loving homes that can provide a puppy the care that they need in a forever home.

Great Dane Puppy Fawn
Fawn Great Dane Puppy

Picking My Puppy

Please understand that we breed our Great Danes for ourselves first for the AKC conformation show ring per the Great Dane Club of America breed standard guidelines.  We are breeding for specific distinguishing traits and characteristics to be able to produce our next future AKC conformation champion or performance champion and what the breed was bred for.  Once we have picked our show prospect puppy or puppies first, then the other show and companion puppies will be available to pick from.   We evaluate puppies multiple times from 5 weeks to 8 weeks old age for our future show prospect.   This process can be very hard picking our next show puppy prospect.  As the puppies grow they can change so much in a week.  Thank you for your understanding.  Please see the AKC Great Dane Breed Standard and the Great Dane Club of America to understand more.

Family Members

Our Great Dane adults and puppies are in our home as family members in a safe, clean and loving environment.  Puppies are born and raised inside our home and not in an attached garage, barn or kennel.  When the puppies are born I sleep in or outside the whelping box for the 3 to 4 weeks to ensure their health and safety.   We also have cameras setup in our home for 24/7 watch if we need to leave for a few hours for adults and older puppies.    We provide for our adults and puppies the best nutritional and medical care to ensure a healthy life.  We do our best to breed, happy, healthy and loving puppies that will make wonderful conformation show champions, therapy/service dogs, performance dogs as well as wonderful top quality companions.   Our Danes are family member first and we do care about their future.  If our Great Danes here are shown in conformation, performance and companion events.  If they are something we want a puppy out of for the future we will breed them in the future.  We do not re-home our mature adults or senior Great Danes, they are here until the end. Sometimes we will re home an older puppy if it turn out to not work in our program.

Mantle Great Dane Puppy
Black Great Dane Puppy
Harlequin Great Dane Puppy


We do our very best to make sure all dogs/bitches that we breed or breed too have EXCELLENT TEMPERAMENTS and are healthy.  We do the following health tests with our Great Dane: Hips, Eyes, Cardiac Echo and Thyroid function bloodwork panel that is protocol with the Great Dane Club of America.   We also do an x-Ray of their elbows, full Chemistry bloodwork panel, Complete Blood count Panel and a brucellosis test before we breed them to make sure of any health issues and the dogs that we breed too are also health tested.  We understand that health testing isn't a guarantee that a dog will be 100% healthy and never develop a health problem/issue.  Health testing is a tool not a guarantee. Many things factor into good health other than genetics.  Please remember these are living, breathing animals so nothing is 100%.



Early learning is VERY important in a young dog's future. The puppies are exposed to a variety of noises, textures, objects, moving objects including car rides, toys and smells inside and outside of the home. They are socialized with our other dogs, horses, cats, adults and children.   We make sure that we spend one on one time with each one of the puppies daily.   All puppies are stacked and gone over several times a day including being touched on every part of their bodies. Our puppies are raised in the main part of our home and not in a garage or a kennel building.   We have NEVER had any complaints about ANY of our puppy’s temperaments, they are very outgoing.



We require a $500.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit we only accept deposits from approved homes and start taking deposit when the puppies are about a week to 2 weeks old.  All deposits are non refundable except if a puppy becomes not available for some reason, then it will be refunded 100% or it can possibly be transferred to another litter. If Buyer backs out of the puppy then NO REFUND will be granted.



Email or call for prices on puppies on each litter, price can change on color.   Generally our prices for a companion start at $2500.00.  Show prospects will be quoted based on show experience and your future plans.  New owners will pay for any ear cropping on companions and show prospect puppies.   All show prospects with full registration are co-owned unless you are a proven show home and show breeder per the Great Dane standard.   Companion puppies are all registered with limited contract and will be spayed or neutered at a safe age as adults per your contract.  We DO NOT sell puppies for just breeding purposes.  We DO NOT sell to back yard breeders, puppy mills or pet stores.  So if you are one of the above don't even bother us because we will not sell you a puppy.  We do home checks and you must have references and have filled out our application. ** We will send in all AKC registration papers. **



ALL puppies will carry the Kennel name first and you must have approval to add your kennel name onto the puppy registration name.   Sometimes we will pick a theme for each of our litters and start calling each puppy by a call name.  New owner(s) of the puppy may pick their own name and will start calling the puppies by those names so they hear and learn the name.        



All interested parties must fill out our puppy application. All approved homes must sign our contract that is legal and binding.  The contract includes our warranty, requirements on caring for your Dane, info on feeding, breeding and showing, spay/neuter contract, general care and much more.



NO puppies leave before 8 weeks of age. We do several evaluations on the puppy’s structure and temperament for conformation show and performance sport prospects.   We also send pictures and videos of the puppies to other show breeders, professional handlers and judges for their opinion also.  We may hold on to the top show prospects until 12 weeks if we feel it's necessary before making our choices.  We breed for ourselves and to improve the breed so we must be sure on what we will allow to be shown and/or bred in the future.



We prefer NOT ship puppies. We like to meet all of our perspective puppy owners and would assume that you would want to meet us your breeders al well to see the dam and possibly the sire along with any littermates or other family members.  If this is not an option due to location we can ship puppies, weather permitting. Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs, the crate, health certificate from a Veterinarian and $75.00 to deliver the puppy to the airport to cover the cost of gas and my time.  There is also the possibility of delivering the puppy to the buyer (not being shipped by air) or I could be an air nanny for your puppy if you can not.  Contact us for pricing.



ALL show prospects are cropped unless the new owner wants the puppy left natural and the ear cropping expense is added to the price of the puppy.  All Companion puppies remain natural eared.  If new owner would like their puppy cropped they must show proof of having taped ears before that have stood or willing to get help from an experienced person that can provide the new owner(s) with lessons on the correct way of taping ears and the aftercare.   The puppy and cropping cost is to be PAID IN FULL prior to cropping. New owners must understand the HUGE responsibly of taking care of cropped ears to ensure they will stand. You or a Vet must remove and re-tape you puppy's ears on a weekly basis. Please note that this could take anywhere from 4 months to 18 months.*NO refunds or replacement puppies will be given if the puppy is cropped after leaving Dunn Right Ranch


  • General health care information: Bloat, Nutritional Heart Disease, Cancer and more

  • Catalog for Canine Supplements

  • Samples of food your puppy has been on

  • A copy of your puppy's feeding, growth, weight and sleeping schedule

  • Feeding schedule and amount for appropriate age and weight.

  • Health certificates for both sire and dam via email or website link.

  • Your puppy's pedigree via email or a website link

  • Copies or website links to pictures of both sire and dam via email

  • Puppy pictures of your puppy via email or website link

  • A Microchip ID prior to placement in new home.

  • Age appropriate vaccination until puppy goes into new home

  • Age appropriate worming (done 2-4 times)

  • Health clearance from the veterinarian at 8 weeks old

  • 30 day free trial pet insurance at 8 weeks old with Trupanion Health Insurance.

  • 30 day free trial pet insurance at 8 weeks old with AKC Health Insurance.

  • Sales contract agreement.

  • AKC limited registration on all companions.

  • AKC full registration on show prospects (a copy of papers for show homes).

  • Show information and schedules

  • Ear cropping information and videos

  • A startup ear taping kit.

  • A lifetime of Breeder support

  • I am available for my puppy people 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • And so much more

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