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Our Horses

Dunn Right Ranch (DRR) horses each have their own website page.  Go to their page to find out more information on health testing, color testing, pedigree, show, performance and trail accomplishments and more.  See them below to get to their own page for more information.

Our Horse History

Chris and I both have been involved with our whole lives.  I have been involved with showing and competitive trail riding with many different Pleasure/Saddle breed type horses in my past.  I have been involved in pleasure, trail riding, showing and breeding Tennessee Walking Horses since 1977.  We try to produce the versatility of the natural moving lite-shod Tennessee Walking Horses that does the correct flat walk, running walk and canter for show or trail that has a good sound mind.

Dunn Right Ranch (DRR) was formally known as Natural Way Walkers. I grew up showing and endurance riding many different types Pleasure/Saddle breeds of horses and my main focus was the Versatility of the Tennessee walking horse. Chris is involved with Hunter/Draft type breeds of horses and the versatility of them.  Our Tennessee Walking Horses are sired by World Grand Champions and World Champions including The Skywatch (WCH), Pride's Jubilee Star (WGC), Generator's Santana (WGC) and He's Puttin' on the Ritz (WGC).  Over the years we have put 47 Championships, 46 Reserve Championship, 26 Regional Futurity Winners, 18 Top Ten Winners, 1 FOSH Bronze In-Hand and 1 FOSH Gold In-Hand award titles on our Tennessee Walking Horses. 

We have both been involved with Thoroughbreds since 1989 off and on as in Dressage, Endurance Racing and Trail Riding.  I worked at Portland Meadows galloping them on the track for about 3 years and I loved it.  We have always loved the Thoroughbred heart and desire to please. We owned a Registered Framed Overo Thoroughbred Sport Horse Stallion (Paying Forward) that we used to produce Tb Draft Sport Horses with in the past.   We have several well-bred Clydesdale Mares and a Friesian Heritage Mare. In the last few years Chris has wanted a Drum horse so we have started breeding the Clydesdales mares to Gypsy Vanner stallions for F1 Drum horses.  Chris loves his feathered horses.

Horse Shows

We breed our horses for ourselves to perform on the trail, in the show ring, pleasure riding in the arena.  We hope to get back out into the show world soon with some of our babies.

Color Testing

We DNA color test our horses also with either single test, multiple tests or a full horse coat color/pattern panel.  In horses there are some colors you do not want to breed together because it can be life threatening and others that can cause night blindness.  It is done by just submitting hair sample.

Health Testing

We DNA test for inherited genetic disease in our horses and in order to complete registration on adult horses and foals, we have to do DNA hair testing for parent verification. 


Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association

Northwest Walking Horse Trainers Association

West Coast Gaited Horse Trainers & Exhibitors Association

Northwest Gaited Horse Association

Clydesdale Breeders of the U.S.A.

Friesian Heritage Horse & Sport Horse International

International Drum Horse Association

Our Feathered Sport Horses

Our Tennessee Walking Horses

Our Past Tennessee Walking Horses

Dunn Right Ranch (DRR) past horses below are either a sire or a dam to some of our current horses.  Go to their page to find out more information on health testing, color testing, pedigree, show, performance and trail accomplishments and more.  See them below to get to their own page.  They are so missed.

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