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Modern IronWorks

Modern Ironworks

We Can Provide Everything You Need

At Modern Ironworks we make every item that we sell. We design it, we build it, we can answer your questions about it and we stand behind our work.

When you do business with Modern Ironworks your purchases will be coming straight from the craftsman to you. No middleman marking up the prices, no waiting for an overseas supplier or drop shipper to send your items.


We are a family owned business with over 20 years in the ornamental metal business we have the skills and experience to make your project a success. Feel free to contact us.  Please see the Modern Ironworks website and Email links below they are different from Dunn Right Ranch contact form.

Logo Gate_edited.jpg
Unicorn Horse Garden Gate
German Shepherd Garden Gate
Garden Gate Aztec Sun Face South Western Metal Art Garden Gate interior exterior
Logo Gate.jpg

Metal Art Iron Garden Gate

Our Ornamental Iron Garden Gates are a functional heavy duty with elegant design and stylish for exterior or interior use.  They are also finished with an oven baked powder coat that will protect them from the extremely weather conditions.

Logo Gate.jpg

Puppy Litter Feeder

Our heavy duty steel puppy feeding station is the solution to feeding your large litter of puppies. If you use a big bowl or pan they all climb in it to wallow in the food. Use smaller loose bowls or dishes and they scoot them all across the floor then knock them over making a huge mess.

These multiple dish bowl holder the puppies can eat from both sides and each have their own bowl so nobody gets short changed at dinner time. It is stable and hard for the puppies to push around.

They are also finished with an oven baked powder coat finish for durability, good looks and will make clean up easier.

Logo Gate_edited.jpg
10 Bowl Puppy Litter Feeder Puppies
Puppy Litter Feeder large breed Multi Bowl
10 Bowl Puppy Litter Feeder Boxer
Dog Canine Feeder
Logo Gate_edited.jpg
Newfoundland Dog Feeder
Doberman Pinscher Raised Dog Feeder
Custom Personalized Elevated Dog Feeder
Cocker Spaniel Wall Mount Feeder
Logo Gate.jpg

Adult Dog Feeder

We have heavy duty dog feeder in either a wall mount or a floor standing style available.  These feeder are designed for the comfort of the dog on his or her neck and shoulders while eating or drinking with an elevated raised feeder.   The dog still need to eat and drink with his or her head in a slight downward natural position. 

They are also finished with an oven baked powder coat finish for durability, good looks and will make clean up easier.

Logo Gate.jpg

Great Dane Ideas

We specialize in Great Dane themed items from dog feeders, gates, plant basket hangers, yard stakes, wine racks, bookends and more to come.

The photo below is Dunn Right Capt. Augustus McCrae, Aka. Gus the office manager.  who has had many photo shoots to come up with the design of the bookends and wine rack.

Modern Ironworks Mascot Gus
Logo Gate_edited.jpg
Great Dane Feeder
Memorial Yard Art Great Dane
Great Dane Garden Gate
Great Dane Yard Art
Great Dane wine bottle Holder Rack
Great Dane Book Ends
Great Dane Heart Yard art memorial

Modern Ironworks is located in Bonners Ferry, ID on Dunn Right Ranch, just across the Highway from Selkirk Elk Mountain Ranch.  Our shop is 4800 square feet, the main bay is a fabrication shop with one end for Powder Coat and the other end is a warehouse, office and store.  We specialize in Ornamental Iron and Metal Art.  See our online links and email below for Modern Ironworks for faster response.  

Logo Gate

Please email Chris Dunn at Modern Ironworks:

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