At this time I do not have any litters planned for Spring/Summer 2022 here at Dunn Right Ranch Great Danes in Bonners Ferry, ID.  We might plan a litter late 2022 or 2023 but at this time we will be showing our girls in AKC conformation and performance shows.  If that all goes well then we will search for a future date for our girls and make a plan.

If you are looking for a puppy now and can not wait then maybe I can help.  Please send us an email and I will refer you to a responsible reputable breeder that has the welfare of the breed in mind.

See information below on litter that are being planned, confirmed pregnancy or newborn litters.  Please send me an email or fill out our puppy inquiry form with just a few questions, so I can refer you to a responsible quality breeder.

 Harlequin Litter
Nothing planned at this time.

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IMG_9911 - Copy.JPG

Coming Black Litter

I have a friend that has a all black litter coming at the end of Oct 2022 that is near us.  Email me and I will refer you to her.

I may have a litter in the spring of 2023.  It maybe a black and fawn litter or an all black litter.

Coming Fawn Litter
Nothing at this time.


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